WWF (Dutch WNF)

You can feel it when you're a guest in our monumental building in the woods: PURE Audio is a green company. We love nature, and supporting our planet. When the Dutch office of WWF (WNF) contacted us for campaign music, we were obviously excited to participate! Our long-term collaboration continues to this day.


For several different awareness promotions, we've composed campaign music that has a strong emotion to it. The following cases are Dutch versions of international WWF publicity. They have ran (or are running) on radio and TV to promote the urgent and important message that we need to preserve our Earth.

Non-governmental organisation / Advertising

Fight for your world

A custom-made sound track and voice-over recording.

WNF - Haaialarm
Originally created for WWF
WNF - Koraalriffen
Originally created for WWF
WNF - Strijd Mee voor Jouw Wereld
Originally created for WWF

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