Campaign sound
boosts conversion

An established brand sound can be further expanded. Do you have custom music for specific campaigns? And is it aligned with your audio strategy - proven to appeal to your persona?

Your brand sound is part of your long-term strategy. Your campaign sound supports your short-term tactics. Think of adaptations of your main brand song for a marketing or sales promotion.
Custom music is better than pop repertoire or stock music. Hit songs hold existing perceptions, plus their sync fees are costly & repetitive. And library music can be used by anyone.
Customer intimacy gives you creative flexibility and brand exclusivity. Your sound is yours, and easily adaptable for future updates. Made for you and working for you.

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How sonic branding reinforces your brand, marketing and sales:

Campaign sound

Delivering the extra assets to increase your sales conversion. Customised for each promotion.

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Some examples

creative use of sonic branding

Domino's Pizza

Electric scooters are almost silent. Why not add audio branding? It even makes traffic safer!


Ever wondered how you recognise one of the world's most famous brands? Sonic branding can be so refreshing!

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