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makes a sound brand

Before producing or using sound design, you need a solid audio strategy. We do extensive research around your customer persona(s). For the right brand sound on every customer journey touchpoint.

Defining the audio strategy to target your brand persona:
Personas are present on many touchpoints, each of which has its own dos & don'ts. Especially your digital platforms, it’s the (geo-)targeting & re-marketing age!
Analyzing which sound appeals to your persona. And use these data when creating audio for each of your touchpoints. Making the subjective more objective by combining musical art & science.
This strategy applies to every form of marketing. It involves both your brand sound (for your corporate identity) and your campaign sound (for your sales promotions). Everywhere your audience is.

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Brand audit

A research-based audio strategy leads to sonic branding assets for both marketing and sales. We also assist with implementation and evaluation of your audio branding. For your ever-expanding, long-term success.

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From sonic branding strategy to marketing & sales success.

Audio branding the PURE way

Translating your marketing goals into persona-based branding. Each medium, platform or device is asking for a custom approach.


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Let experts analyse your audio branding and offer advice for enhancement: